An entrepreneurial operating system to track team members contributions and keep key players accountable


6 Votes is an enterprise resource planning package that's designed to take the place of countless business and office applications. It bundles all of the features that you'd except from other apps and puts them directly at your fingertips by way of an efficient branded dashboard. As the name suggests, it's based around the idea that most things in a corporate environment are done in increments of 90.

For instance, can help you organize a 90 minute meeting and achieve at least 90 percent or more of your business goals. The software claims that while people strive for 100 percent, they usually start to celebrate when they hit the 80th percentile and is designed to help you achieve even more than this.

While this explanation might seem a little esoteric, the app's collection of features is spelled out far more concretely. At its heart is a rich text editor that encourages collaboration between individuals working in different departments. Your staffers are free to add bullet points, color text, underline important points and create hyperlinks. When they run into something that's a little more serious, anyone can create an issue that's reported to the IS department so that it'll get taken care of as soon as possible.

Admittedly, this makes the platform less attractive to smaller businesses, but it's really geared toward those who manage larger enterprises and need to bring everyone onboard with a single platform. That's why the app makes it so easy to create to-do lists and have them sent to each department.

Archiving existing content is also simple, due to the fact that uses a responsive design that works every bit as well on mobile devices as it does on desktop computer terminals. Everything is done inside of a browser, so you won't have to bother installing anything either. Users are free to check their status on any Internet-connected device. While this means that you'll need a network connection to interface with the app, it also gives you the freedom to work with it on nearly any modern piece of computing hardware you can think of.

Rearranging or reassigning tasks with the dashboard is as easy as moving items around in a list, so any manager can do it without ever having to undergo a complicated training regimen. In fact, it's likely that most people could start working with the minute they first sit down with it. That makes it an attractive option for firms that have a great deal of turnover as well as those that have a number of different distinct departments that don't always communicate that well.

All users are free to print to PDF documents and export content as well, which should help to make a great choice for anyone who has to solve big problems by committee.


  • Platform neutral
  • Excellent mobile support
  • Accepts file attachments for upload


  • Won't work without Internet access
  • Few notifications
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